A funny thing happened on the way to the parade

Another year, another St Patrick’s Day, and this one was supposed to be extra special for Smiley. I’d forgotten to apply for a space in the disabled viewing area for the Dublin Parade, so I was looking for something else to do on the day. I actually enjoy the smaller parades, they’re usually just as much fun, a lot less stressful and you can see everything, even without special viewing areas. So I got complacent, but more of that later.

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Peaks and things beginning with ‘B’

It’s Thursday again, so it’s time for my reasons to be cheerful, hope you have some too.

Free Medical Services

In Ireland we don’t have a National Health Service, we have a multi-tiered health service, with some people paying almost nothing, some people paying a little, and some people paying a lot. Now that Smiley is an adult with her own small income, she is finally entitled to free health care.

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Dress dilemmas and other reasons to be cheerful

It’s been another week of rearranging, cancelling, negotiating and apologising, so good to look for reasons to be cheerful!

And this week it’s all about dress dilemmas and blogging: the one thing I don’t have to cancel, in fact it fills up any unexpected time at home. Once I’m in the mood, anyway.

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Reasons to be cheerful about a carer’s mid term break

The teens were off school all week for their mid term break, and all was calm, and even productive, so I thought I might share it all with you for this week’s reasons to be cheerful.


Involved several outings to…

The Chemist – to fill the regular prescriptions
The Supermarket – for food
The Bank – to pay in cheques

Afternoon, exercise for Smiley, admin for Mum: finished up the medical card application (presumably the first of many as they usually refuse to sanction them multiple times), baulked at new requirements for disabled parking permit and had to ring to clarify. Paid eye watering gas bill. Note to self: must change supplier as soon as I have time…

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Reasons to be cheerful 5.2.15

After my weekend meltdown, this week has been better, though not without its challenges, such as the possibility of watching Billy Elliot, just so I can help with the English homework.  The things we do etc etc.

But yes, I’ve dug deep into the boringness of an unusually humdrum week and managed to retrieve these nuggets for reasons to be cheerful.

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Sweet reasons to be cheerful

It’s funny, I remember contacting bloggers ten years ago, when I worked as a PR in Dublin, yet until recently it seemed that parent bloggers were of little interest to brands in Ireland.  That is now changing, and I occasionally get invited to something.  And this invitation was once again thanks to the Irish Parenting Bloggersgroup, who were out in force for the launch of a new Irish family website.

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