Thank you to the lovely person who told me this evening that she was looking forward to reading this post, it made me feel very cheerful indeed, and more than made up for plummeting down the Tots 100 blog rankings this month. I have a few more reasons too…

Driving Test

Just in case anyone missed it and because it really is THE news of the week, I’ll say it again: Angel passed her driving test last Saturday and that makes me very happy.

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You have to let her go, said Angel. But it’s easier said than done.

I’d got used to having her Smiley face around the place, two months without any school or placement or respite meant that we did everything together. I enjoy her company, even as she wears me out. It’s lovely to be needed and thanked and appreciated – I don’t get that from a clean floor or a paid bill.

I’m thrilled about her new placement, but anxious too. We said goodbye to the comfortable cocoon of her school, where she knew everyone, and everyone knew her, and the days, weeks and years passed in a predictable routine. This is an opportunity and a fresh start, but she is so disabled by all her challenges, will she make the most of it?

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Lots of little reasons to be cheerful after last week’s major one, which I’m still celebrating.

A holiday in Tenerife

Not mine. Angel’s. Delighted that she got a break. Relieved to get a text to say that she had arrived safely, and thrilled to hear the door open last night as she arrived home. And catching up with all her news this morning. Still, I wish I was there!

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Reasons to be cheerful 7.5.15

One day I will come on here and say that my life is now perfect and I don’t need reasons to be cheerful any more, but it is not this day it hasn’t happened yet.

After a bank holiday weekend mostly stuck in the house, I’ve been organising more treats for myself, helped by a little insomnia. I feel like shaking things up, but will I have the nerve?

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Bloggers, blogs and blogging

Some blogging reasons to be cheerful this week. About bloggers, blogs and blogging…


Let’s face it, I’m an old-fashioned blogger. Almost a veteran. But I rarely write about blogging, because there are so many experts out there already. And then the blog awards happened.

That’s the new Irish Parenting Blog Awards, and very good they were too.

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Feeling cheerful about the Easter break

I was dreading the thought of the Easter break and two weeks stuck indoors, but luckily it didn’t happen like that, and I was able to bring Smiley out almost every day, and watch Netflix or films with my son in the evenings. There were appointments to attend, meetings to go to, bag packing and Zumba to raise funds for Smiley’s Club, a trip to Newry, and a visit to an Easter event at Farmleigh, a State-owned period house and garden, on the fringe of Dublin’s Phoenix Park. I had to park some way from the house and so discovered a new (to me) and stunning corner of the Park:

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