Did you read it? The letter from a mother to her 10 year old son complaining of his lack of respect towards her. It caused a predictable twitter storm and a rush to judgement.

I found the letter an uncomfortable read: initially I felt like a second class parent as I failed many of this woman’s parenting essentials. My second thought was relief that I didn’t breast feed. But it’s not that bad surely? I also began to be uncomfortable with the tone of it, and felt sorry for her son because of her martyred tone, and I recognised myself in her too. Then I caught myself on. Like everyone else on the internet, I was judging this woman, while knowing almost nothing about her.

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Teaching the boy to iron

It was a gift.

“This is all creased, Mum,” he said.

I don’t remember him ever noticing creases before…

“Well, do you remember that you wanted to learn to iron?  Just like your sister?  Why don’t I start teaching you now!”

Seizing the opportunity always seems like a good idea, until you actually do it, and then it’s like, “Heeelp, how do I do this?”

A deep breath is always a good place to start.

Then what.

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