It can be hard to find activities at home that I can do together with my adult daughter with special needs. But film and TV often works, and thanks to Netflix recommendations, Smiley and I can always find something to watch.

For the last few weeks we’ve been enjoying some gentle nostalgia and we both recommend these two classics:

Bed knobs and Broomsticks

Set against the background of World War II, three children are sent to live with a middle aged woman who is dabbling in witchcraft. With shades of Narnia and Mary Poppins, this children’s classic from 1971 has catchy songs, animation and lots and lots of adventures, with a few messages about redemption thrown in as well.


The plot of this lovely cartoon revolves around an aristocratic old lady who leaves all her worldly possessions to her cats who are left in the care of her loyal butler. But after her death he feels aggrieved that he should have to wait until her pets have died before inheriting, and so plots the demise of the kittens and their mother. Their luck changes when they meet the charming roguish alley cat, Thomas O’Malley. The film also features stylish swing music including memorable tunes such as Everybody wants to be a Cat.

And next on our list is this film, which is available on Netflix for one month only until the end of April. So get watching…


Needs no introduction: Smiley and I are looking forward to watching this on the big screen in the living room, and I will *have* to sing along to keep her entertained – and with the state of my singing these days, I’d say we’ll both be laughing!

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It’s Valentine’s Day today, and once again it will be just me and Netflix. But in many ways we have the perfect relationship….

It’s always there for me (unless the broadband goes down).

It knows what I like, but doesn’t tell me what to do.

It isn’t grossed out if I don’t shave my legs (or anything else).

It’s easy to turn on, but just as easy to turn off.

I can interrupt it at any time, but it can’t do the same to me.

And just when I thought our relationship couldn’t get any better, this arrived. My first Valentine’s Day gift for many many years.


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Do you feel the need to escape from the stresses of everyday life? I know I do. Better still if I can do it every day. And that’s where Netflix comes in.

I know my viewing habits seem a bit weird to many other women my age: I’ve little interest in reality TV or soaps disguised as period drama. No, the high stress levels associated with being a special needs mum mean that total escapism is what I need most, and for me that usually means science fiction and fantasy.

It’s not just me either: the rest of the household mostly enjoy this stuff too. And this is how we’ve been escaping recently.
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You know we’re getting quite serious about Netflix here these days? Shows and films are discussed, blogged about, and anticipated eagerly, while the TV pages gather dust on a shelf somewhere.

But to do anything properly, you need the right equipment. And with Christmas coming up, what better time to invest in a few gadgets that would help any family to get the most out of their Netflix subscription. So here’s a few ideas to get you started.

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The love affair with Netflix continues, even with my limited viewing time. So here’s our family’s round up from September.

Under The Influence

Billed as a documentary about rock ‘n’ roll legend Keith Richards and the people and sounds that inspired him.

I think you can divide the world up into those who like the Beatles and the rest of us who prefer the Rolling Stones. So I couldn’t wait to watch this.

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Netflix is still beating the telly by a mile, but during the busy summer months none of the women in the house have spent much time in front of screens. And of course if you’re only watching for an hour or so a day it takes weeks to watch each series!

So this is all we have managed to view over the past couple of months:


I would watch more films on Netflix – I’d LOVE to watch more films on Netflix – but the choice is still a bit limited. So I’ve only two to report…

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There was an advertising feature about carers in an Irish newspaper yesterday. Perhaps you saw it? Perhaps it gave you a nice warm fuzzy feeling reading about that wonderful ‘army’ of 187,000 dedicated carers. Or perhaps, like me, it made you mad.

I am not in any way criticising the family that features in this ad, but it does fit the caring stereotype that society has come to expect.

A kindly, loving, sensible, middle aged women who cares out of love and needs nothing more than the occasional break for a bit of light shopping or drinking tea with friends and crafting Christmas cards.

And that is very admirable, but not all carers are like that.

Not at all.

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