I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my dishwasher. I had to be persuaded to get one, and I sometimes wonder if men like them more than women. Loading and emptying them seems to be one of those jobs that men volunteer for, and believe should be given priority over all else. At least in my experience.

To me the dishwasher always seemed like an insatiable monster that had to be forever fed with dirty dishes. And yes this family were great at satisfying its needs with up to three loads a day during the holidays.

Until it went wrong.


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There is absolutely no reason for this post, except to round off the year and satisfy my love of lists — I  was a fan well before the term ‘click bait’ was ever thought of…

1. Top retailer

I’m afraid it has to be Amazon. I don’t want it to be, I’ve heard all the dark stories about how they run their business, but they just do everything right.  I still go to the high street for the regular weekly shopping. But I hate having to hunt for things, so my online shopping habit began ten years ago when I got sick of spending hours scouring the shops for the correct printer ink cartridges.
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Just some random thoughts from an over active brain:


How are some shops always advertising sales. Like Every. Single. Day. I’m looking at you Harvey Norman…

Wheelchair Design

Why I can’t have a wheelchair for my daughter that has everything I think it needs. Like a pair of cup holders, lights or reflectors, a rain hood with a cut out for her face that doesn’t let the rain in (apart from that special kind of rain you get in Ireland that blows horizontally of course). Shopping net, small portable tray and with power steering so I don’t get so tired.


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What to do with your gym ball

I cheered when I found a new page on Facebook with free exercise videos today. And it made me happy. Another way to avoid getting hideously fat and flabby over the long summer staycation.

But a lot of them feature gym balls. And I have a past with gym balls. I have owned them. I’ve even used them with Smiley. And when you work out what to do with them, they seem quite effective.
But I have a problem with gym balls. They’re large, round and slippery. So when you’ve finished your little fitness routine, what then? Where do you put them for all those hours when you’re not actually using them?
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I don’t need a food processor, do I?

I’ve survived more than 50 years without one, so why on earth am I thinking about buying a food processor now?

1. Someone burnt out the motor on my precious liquidiser (that I love and adore) by trying to mix a very sticky cake in it. I cannot imagine life without a liquidiser for making soups and smoothies which are my go to healthy fast foods. I love this piece of kit so much, especially as I can just chuck it in the dishwasher afterwards.

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