Positivity is the thing right now, sometimes exhaustingly so. I’m very happy for those people for whom it works, but sometimes I find it all too much. And I know that I’m not the only one.

Positive people are said to be brave, especially if they are dealing with extreme difficulties in their lives. But sometimes I think that admitting that you see the world as a glass half emptyis ever braver, because apparently many people don’t want to hear that. We’re supposed to be perkily positive at all times, maybe not always for our benefit. Sometimes I wonder if it’s more for the benefit of those around us.

Yet as we suppress our true feelings, we’re being told to validate the emotions of our children. Hmm.

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Today is #BlueMonday, another marketing invention apparently, but maybe not such a bad idea if it gets people talking about their mental health. It’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, but I’m not feeling it. The grey skies and problems at home are not bringing me down. I’m just dealing with them.

I’m doing better, you see, helped by meeting up with Jazzygal this morning for a sneaky coffee.

And the pills the GP gave me.

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Reasons to be Cheerful
Sometimes the death of someone you’ve never even met has a profound effect, and so it was this week with the passing of Andy Nimmo, husband of special needs blogger Steph Nimmo. For the past year, they have both been sharing some inspirational writing about living a good life with cancer and if you want to remember how to celebrate life, I recommend reading Steph’s blog Was This In The Plan.


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It was like a grey cloud that grew as it passed over the last sunny days of my childhood. The anxiety that began to gnaw away at my insides, my tummy aching with the pain of it. The changes of puberty, the bullying that began once looks became more important than test results, fitting in more important than standing out.

But I wanted it all. I craved success, and I needed to be accepted too. Where once I was embarrassingly self confident, I now made endless lists of everything that was wrong with me.

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Reasons to be cheerful about a carer’s mid term break

The teens were off school all week for their mid term break, and all was calm, and even productive, so I thought I might share it all with you for this week’s reasons to be cheerful.


Involved several outings to…

The Chemist – to fill the regular prescriptions
The Supermarket – for food
The Bank – to pay in cheques

Afternoon, exercise for Smiley, admin for Mum: finished up the medical card application (presumably the first of many as they usually refuse to sanction them multiple times), baulked at new requirements for disabled parking permit and had to ring to clarify. Paid eye watering gas bill. Note to self: must change supplier as soon as I have time…

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Dancing out of my comfort zone

It’s so easy to get stuck in a middle aged rut.  Doing the same things, going to the same places, wondering why you seem to be bumping along the bottom of life, while your brain gets slow and sludgy.

Do crosswords.  That’s what everyone says, and I always have good intentions, but somehow they just don’t make me want to jump up and down with excitement.

I thought that blogging was enough.  I’ve learned to code and argue with Google and write blog posts that people want to read.  I can do it now.  It’s a hobby, but it’s no longer a challenge.

But am I looking for a challenge?  Surely I have enough of those in my everyday life already!

Then a friend of mine encouraged me to join her at a ‘shape up and dance’ class.  I was expecting it to be a bit of exercise and a bit of fun.  Which of course it is.

But then a week or two in, as I was trying to learn all the names of the steps, and coordinate arms, legs and music without causing a pile-up by the fireplace, our lovely instructor casually dropped in a new word….

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Dancing in the Street and other reasons to be cheerful

Just two weeks left until school starts again and I’ve achieved very little, even though the goals for the summer were not exactly ambitious.  But there have been some lovely moments too, and I’m about to inflict some of them on you for this week’s reasons to be cheerful…


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