Christmas morning was almost perfect. A gentle start with none of the children awake before 7. We all gathered in the living room, a feat which involves rearranging furniture and pushing Smiley’s wheelchair up a couple of steps too, so is reserved for special occasions until I get my act together and make more of this house accessible. Anyway, back to Christmas. The presents were opened at a leisurely pace. Smiley loved the family time together, my eldest added the sweetest note ever with the present she gave to me and it was lovely to see her delight when she opened the surprise presents that I got for her. And my son was calm and happy with his presents.

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I think we’ve finally cracked Christmas

I think we’ve finally cracked Christmas

Well apart from the decorations.  I don’t seem to have a festive bone in my body.  Give me a bunch of holly, ivy and eucalyptus and you’ll end up with something for burning in the fireplace not putting on the mantel.  Still, I tried.

You see we haven’t spent many Christmases at home — last year it happened accidentally and we just made the best of it, so this year I wanted it to be really special.  And put myself under far too much pressure of course.

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5 reasons to be cheerful about December

Yes I know: only a very bad – or desperate – blogger would publish two lists in a row.  But there you go, that’s what happens when you don’t plan your blog ‘properly’.  Worse, I’m going to splice together my random reasons for being cheerful in December that relate to this odd little household with the latest news.  Confused?  You will be.

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