Apparently this is a thing now. But I’ve never had goals for my blog, it has always been a hobby, somewhere to let off steam, practice my writing, express my thoughts and frustrations, and create something interesting, entertaining and even pretty. I like trying to keep up with current trends in blog design, and who knows when that knowledge and experience might prove useful?

I enjoy the perks of blogging – the outings, events and freebies – and my relationship with Netflix continues, so there will be more posts about what we are watching.

I’m also frustrated – most of my life and my thoughts are occupied by my children and their needs. But as you know I try not to write about autism any more, unless it’s in a very general way. Which is hypocritical of me because I now feel starved of useful information, as almost no one else writes about teenagers with autism either, so I’ve no idea whether things are “normal” here or not. And thank you to those rare parents who do write about their teenagers, you help me and my children more than you will ever know. But I dare not link to you here in case you get a backlash from the parent haters.

Yep, I’m mentioning them again.


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It’s 25 minutes to 8 on a sunny summer’s evening, and I’ve 25 minutes until Smiley’s bed time routine begins. Oh, and I’m bored.

I used to think that only boring people got bored, but obviously I’ve changed my mind about that.

The kitchen is cleanish, the carpets have been hoovered, the washing has been put away, and no-one needs me.

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14 from 14

It’s a common custom around these blogging parts to reflect on the year that has passed before planning ahead to new one about to begin.  Of course I forgot.  Then I discovered that a fellow Irish parenting blogger had introduced 14 from 14, a rather nifty way to look back on it all.  So here are 14 or so from my blog, with a few twists.

1. Most Popular Post

I wrote two posts this year that jumped straight into my all time top ten.  Neither is particularly cheerful, but I promise to make up for it elsewhere.  Both were tapped out in around ten minutes after reading something somewhere that upset me.  But they resonated with other carers.

Crying Inside

After I die

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How distressed ham and old boots nearly ruined a night out

Going out post kids is a whole new thing, and I’m not just talking about the need for getting the babysitter, the hell of the 6am start after the 4am finish, or the fear of parenting with a hangover.  No I’m referring to those precious hours before you go out.  Do you remember when you used to have it all planned?  A long leisurely shower, plus manicure, pedicure, epilation, rehydration, moisturisation, loud music, soft lighting, make up, trying on clothes, and perhaps a few friends around to help.

Oh how things have changed…

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Everything seems a little more hopeful

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, a red geranium is swaying in the September breeze, and everything seems a little more hopeful.  There are still a lot of challenges to be faced, but maybe, just maybe, I am more able for them than I have been for a very long time.  But I still feel the need to write up my reasons to be cheerful, so here they are..

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Giving to get

We’ll give you a pound for every mile you run, they said.  With a slight snigger.  After all I was far better known for partying than athletics.  So it was with great satisfaction that I collected £13 from each of them.  And handed a large cheque to a long forgotten charity.

Now there are requests for money every single day it seems.  Some more successful than others.  And the massive success of the Ice Bucket Challenge got me thinking about what makes me want to give to charity.

And what makes me vow never to donate:

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