Musical memories, they work better than anything else for me. They are the backing track to every important event in my life. To choose just five for Kate’s latest Listography was not easy, but some do stand out. I wouldn’t listen to most of them now, but just hearing their opening bars transports me right back there. Who needs a De Lorean when you have songs?

1. Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel – Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

My life at University really began in January 1981: I got a job as a glass collector in the bar of the student halls of residence. A great way to meet people, and some play money too.

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A little bit of light relief, badly needed right now, thanks to a great idea from Jo at Ojo’s World who realised how many things she has never done. Things that other people think are a normal part of life.

My rubbish memory means that some of you may be able to tell me that I’m wrong, but as far as I know, I have never done any of these…

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Dress dilemmas and other reasons to be cheerful

It’s been another week of rearranging, cancelling, negotiating and apologising, so good to look for reasons to be cheerful!

And this week it’s all about dress dilemmas and blogging: the one thing I don’t have to cancel, in fact it fills up any unexpected time at home. Once I’m in the mood, anyway.

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