Apparently this is a thing now. But I’ve never had goals for my blog, it has always been a hobby, somewhere to let off steam, practice my writing, express my thoughts and frustrations, and create something interesting, entertaining and even pretty. I like trying to keep up with current trends in blog design, and who knows when that knowledge and experience might prove useful?

I enjoy the perks of blogging – the outings, events and freebies – and my relationship with Netflix continues, so there will be more posts about what we are watching.

I’m also frustrated – most of my life and my thoughts are occupied by my children and their needs. But as you know I try not to write about autism any more, unless it’s in a very general way. Which is hypocritical of me because I now feel starved of useful information, as almost no one else writes about teenagers with autism either, so I’ve no idea whether things are “normal” here or not. And thank you to those rare parents who do write about their teenagers, you help me and my children more than you will ever know. But I dare not link to you here in case you get a backlash from the parent haters.

Yep, I’m mentioning them again.


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