The love affair with Netflix continues, even with my limited viewing time. So here’s our family’s round up from September.

Under The Influence

Billed as a documentary about rock ‘n’ roll legend Keith Richards and the people and sounds that inspired him.

I think you can divide the world up into those who like the Beatles and the rest of us who prefer the Rolling Stones. So I couldn’t wait to watch this.

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I do realise that only about two of you are as interested in Middle-earth as I am, but now and again I need to indulge my obsession, and right now it’s Hobbit week – my eldest daughter actually shares her birthday with Frodo and Bilbo, which has to be a sign of something.

But I’m busy, yada, yada, the children need me, yada, yada. Nothing was going to happen. And then I got tempted by this questionnaire, (mercifully short) and you’re very welcome to join in too…

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Another year, another birthday. Angel is 23 tomorrow.

I wanted to do something special for her this year, especially as so much of my time and attention is given to my two teenagers right now.

So I decided to make a cake for her. But not an ordinary every day cake like the ones that I turn out every week. No, I had to bake something that she would remember.

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Is when the big anniversaries begin.

Anniversaries of things I didn’t plan, didn’t expect, hoped would never happen.

Last year was my 25th wedding anniversary, but I didn’t even notice. August 27th 2016 is the date on my mind. Because that day will be exactly ten years since I drove away from my marriage with my children. It is not a day I will easily forget.

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A small child lying damply on a sandy beach, at rest, but not from play. I saw the photo on twitter. Dead, drowned, fleeing war and terror only to die in the cold pitiless Mediterranean sea. Like everyone else I was touched, and it is an image that I will never forget, but I can’t tell you that I cried, because I didn’t. I’ve seen too many tragedies and sadly watched as each one slowly slipped from the public view. Too many times when no-one acted until a photograph or a news report pricked their complacency.

Will it be different this time? I really hope so.

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You have to let her go, said Angel. But it’s easier said than done.

I’d got used to having her Smiley face around the place, two months without any school or placement or respite meant that we did everything together. I enjoy her company, even as she wears me out. It’s lovely to be needed and thanked and appreciated – I don’t get that from a clean floor or a paid bill.

I’m thrilled about her new placement, but anxious too. We said goodbye to the comfortable cocoon of her school, where she knew everyone, and everyone knew her, and the days, weeks and years passed in a predictable routine. This is an opportunity and a fresh start, but she is so disabled by all her challenges, will she make the most of it?

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