Most toys are gone,

(with just a few for Smiley)

I like things spare and clear,

Calm space is what I need.

My children do not mind.

In the door they come,

And off the shoes they go.
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Calm is returning with the start of the secondary school summer holidays. The pressure is less, though I will need to offer lots of attractive alternatives to video games over the next three months. At the same time I must keep stomping on all those thoughts about how I think the summer should go. You know what I mean. Normal stuff: family outings, sport, fun in the sun, beach days, picnics, meet ups with friends, even holidays. So I’d say that reasons to be cheerful will be an absolute must for the next while! But I’m determined that this year I will focus on what we can do as a family, not on what we can’t.

HERE‘s what I came up with for this week.


You’d become a millionaire if you could bottle the joy and pride of the past few days as we watched waves of young people arriving home to Ireland from around the world to vote in a referendum about extending the rights and responsibilities of marriage to the LGBT community, followed by the excitement of the count as it became clear shortly after the boxes were opened that this could be a life-changing result for thousands of people. I am so delighted that putting a simple X in a box is going to make so many people so happy.

But I have a confession to make.

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The big happy smile said it all. Finally the exams were over. The weeks and months of stress, tears, frustration and boredom. If all goes well Angel will never need to sit another exam again, at least not for a College course.

For me it’s been a chance to briefly reclaim my motherhood hat before my eldest heads out into the wider world. I’ve been working hard to help her. Everything possible was done to keep life at home as calm as possible. Each day I watched and weighed how the studying was going. Offered cups of tea – not so many as to be annoying, but enough to show I cared. Random treats were added to the supermarket trolley. Anyone for Battenberg? Trips arranged to the cinema and the hairdressers, to break up the studying schedule.

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A little bit of light relief, badly needed right now, thanks to a great idea from Jo at Ojo’s World¬†who realised how many things she has never done. Things that other people think are a normal part of life.

My rubbish memory means that some of you may be able to tell me that I’m wrong, but as far as I know, I have never done any of these…

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It was like a grey cloud that grew as it passed over the last sunny days of my childhood. The anxiety that began to gnaw away at my insides, my tummy aching with the pain of it. The changes of puberty, the bullying that began once looks became more important than test results, fitting in more important than standing out.

But I wanted it all. I craved success, and I needed to be accepted too. Where once I was embarrassingly self confident, I now made endless lists of everything that was wrong with me.

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