After school with severe disabilities. Part 2

This is part two of a planned series of posts about our experience of the transition from special school to adult services for my middle daughter who finishes school this year. She has severe physical and intellectual disabilities and realistically will need twenty four hour support for the rest of her life. Most young adults like Smiley attend “adult services”: training centres for the more able and day centres for the rest. I know as little about them as you do, but I am trying to find out. There is a process to be gone through, and I plan to blog about it here, but without using too much jargon or pointing too many fingers, as I imagine that most of the large organisations that provide services for children and adults with disabilities operate in a similar way.

No premises

I’ve already discovered a few depressing things about adult services, and the second meeting just added to this list. The real situation is as clear as mud.

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