14 from 14

It’s a common custom around these blogging parts to reflect on the year that has passed before planning ahead to new one about to begin.  Of course I forgot.  Then I discovered that a fellow Irish parenting blogger had introduced 14 from 14, a rather nifty way to look back on it all.  So here are 14 or so from my blog, with a few twists.

1. Most Popular Post

I wrote two posts this year that jumped straight into my all time top ten.  Neither is particularly cheerful, but I promise to make up for it elsewhere.  Both were tapped out in around ten minutes after reading something somewhere that upset me.  But they resonated with other carers.

Crying Inside

After I die

More here


2 thoughts on “14 from 14

  1. Nice post!! Be sure to check out my blog if you get the chance! Thanks – Beth!

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