It’s okay

It’s okay to feel angry.
It’s okay to feel sad.
it’s okay to feel resentful and bitter.
It’s okay to feel upset.
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The things I didn’t write and other reasons to be cheerful

Well I’m still uninspired.  Nothing is sending me rushing to the keyboard to type up the latest thoughts chasing each other around my head.  Perhaps I’m just brain dead.  Anyway, it’s at times like this that I often look back at those posts that I began, but never finished.  Luckily for all of you I guess.  So my first reason to be cheerful is some of the wonderful words of wisdom that I never shared with the world.  Like these:

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Is that all there is? Because carers deserve better

When you become a carer, everything changes.  Not just your own life, but society’s expectations too.  No matter what you were like before, you are immediately obliged to take on saintly qualities and become endlessly patient, loving, energetic, unselfish, undemanding and uncomplaining, with a beatific smile permanently plastered on your face.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the Carers of the Year Awards.  Now obviously I have huge admiration for the winners, they really are saints, they manage the most challenging situations and care for the longest number of years.  But what do these awards say to the rest of us?

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Reasons to be cheerful 13.11.14

It’s been another week of writer’s block, which I swear set in the minute I was nominated for this year’s Irish Blog Awards.  I assumed the problem would wear off once the awards had been announced, but nope, it still persists.  Part of it is lack of time.  All the extra hours – and more – that I should have gained by not working have been eaten up by the needs of my children.  One day I hope to be doing proper writing again 🙂

But I will carry on doing my reasons to be cheerful anyway: because if I don’t support things like this that are important to me, they may not be there when I really need them.  And please, PLEASE join in if you can, it really lifts your mood.

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