Mistakes and Achievements

I wrote a post about autism this week, but I think it was a mistake.  Readers assumed that it was about my son even though he wasn’t mentioned.  More posts were planned, but it looks as though this blog will have to become a completely autism-free zone, to protect my son now he is a teenager.  That’s even though autism is the thread that runs through everything we do as a family.  I still write about it, and it’s good to let go of all those feelings, but pressing publish would be better again, and I know that I can’t.  It’s depressing and I think my blog has suffered.  That’s partly why I’m doing more linky posts, they keep me entertained, but perhaps not you…

So today it’s all about my reasons to be cheerful and striking mums again, and apologies if some of this is not new.

I am five

I didn’t even notice the anniversary, but my blog turned 5 this week.  It was begun with so little thought that it’s hard to believe that I am still writing here, and that so many lovely people are still reading.  Thank you.

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