I do like to be beside the seaside

But it seems that my kids did not inherit the beach gene; either that or they had a surfeit of beach during those long lovely summers spent in Wexford when they were younger.   While I pine for sun, sand and sea during the sweaty summer months, they enjoy an indoor city life.  So I decided to have my very own summer holiday on the day that the two younger ones returned to school.   The very second that their buses vanished around the corner, I grabbed my beach gear, jumped in the car, and headed for the coast.  I didn’t stop to check the diary.  Oh no!  Nor did I look at the “to do” list.   That was for later…   And before 9 o’clock I was looking at this:


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Respite Day

6.30 Quick coffee, then up, washed and dressed to clear up the worst of the mess before..

7.30 Home help arrives to help me get Smiley up. Run around cleaning while Smiley has breakfast.

8.30 Eat own breakfast and chat to my daughter. Look at Tweetdeck together. It moves, so it must be fun. Sort out other children. Read Respite social story.

9.15 Bring daughter to meeting with son’s autism service providers.

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Dancing in the Street and other reasons to be cheerful

Just two weeks left until school starts again and I’ve achieved very little, even though the goals for the summer were not exactly ambitious.  But there have been some lovely moments too, and I’m about to inflict some of them on you for this week’s reasons to be cheerful…


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Mourning Robin Williams and wondering what will happen now

I don’t normally cry over the death of celebrities, but I’m a bit hung over this morning, thanks to a wonderful night out with a couple of very good friends, when we touched on old age and grief and that which lies ahead.  Yet the apparent death by suicide of Robin Williams, has hit hard, and I’m breaking another rule by writing about it.

Perhaps it’s partly because he was so full of life, that it seems impossible that he’s gone.  And I really do hope that he is at peace now in a better place.  Perhaps because I always adored Dead Poets Society, about the power and passion of words.  Something I get.  Perhaps because he may have died as a result of depression and addiction, both of which have touched my life in different ways.

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Blogging reasons to be cheerful

Once again, it’s my blog that has given me lots of reasons to be cheerful this week.  When I started this unplanned project, I never ever expected so many readers.  I used to have posts with no views at all!  And sometimes I still ‘hide’ posts until someone leaves a nice comment somewhere so I know it’s not complete self-serving rubbish.  It’s a place where I can celebrate the good times and moan about the bad times, and no-one has to read it, so it’s a safe place for me, and somewhere to practice my writing.  It’s also a project: I like making it look pretty, I enjoy playing at coding and – I’ll admit – I’m a little bit competitive, so any kind of recognition feels good….

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I began to write this post in my head in the small hours of another sleepless night after reading about another special needs Mum who is finding it hard to get a break.  But my tired brain has forgotten most of what I wanted to say.  If I’m not careful, this post will join the other eight drafts  that I’ve begun to write since the beginning of August.  There’s no time, and if I do get a few minutes to spare my mind just goes blank.  Or I want it to go blank, and escape for an hour with my latest fave TV series…

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(Be warned: it’s another ranty one….)