When I don’t sleep

It’s 3am and I listen to Smiley chatting on the baby monitor.  Eventually I drag myself out of bed and go down to see if she needs something.  I change her position, her nappy, offer a drink and put on some music, go back to bed.  Hope she nods off.

She doesn’t, and I ask myself if I should give her something to help her sleep, because if the don’t the day will be ruined for her too.

Worry about whether Angel’s attempt to dip dye her hair at home will work.  I guess I’ll know in the morning.

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Three firsts in one week

It’s been a great week for Smiley, and she’s given me lots of reasons to be cheerful…

A real jigsaw

She’s always enjoyed pull out jigsaws, but not the part that involves putting the pieces back.  So I never thought to try her with a real jigsaw.  But her July Provision Tutor did. 

(used with permission)

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On dreading nights out…and looking forward to them

Oh I’m so confused.  In my party girl days, I never refused an invitation.  I would always be with friends, I was young, reasonably happy about my looks, lazy about grooming by today’s standards, but no-one seemed to mind.  I just wanted to have fun.  Getting ready meant  a quick shower, some hair gel, deodorant, black eye liner plus a little short dress and high heels and 30 minutes later I was out the door.

That was then 🙂

It’s not like that now.

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Cooking with bored kids and stale cornflakes

Today is turning into one of those days when all my ideas for activities are getting the thumbs down.  Never one to avoid a challenge, I decided to see if I could fill up some time with a bag of rejected cornflakes. 

Now don’t say chocolate crispy cakes, because crispy and my special needs daughter do not go together!

I needed Google.  Which, as usual, came up with something useful: a recipe for No-Bake Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Corn Flake Bars

With a little bit of tweaking, I was able to turn it into something that was fun to make and eat..

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Faking It

It’s a new thing for me.

I’m faking it as a parent.  Okay, so in a way I’m done it before.  Pretended I was a real Mum after Angel was born, when I hadn’t a clue.  Trying to be a special needs parent after Smiley was born and floundering.  Then thinking I was an autism parent, and doing it all wrong.

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So, laser eye surgery, yes or no?

I tend to say I’m blind, which is obviously not true at all, and must annoy people who really are in that position. But I have been very short-sighted (-6ish) for a very long time, and now I’m getting long sighted as well. Which is kind of focusing my attention on what I can and can’t see. Sometimes I just shrug my shoulders and think of it as another side-effect of being the wrong side of 50. But I’m not dead yet, nor falling apart, so maybe I should do something about my eyes?

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