Ten rules for surviving the summer holidays

It’s the last full day of the school year, and I’ve taken time out to sit down and have a coffee on my own. And I’m feeling guilty about it.  Someone shake me please..
I know it’s still May, but in Ireland, secondary school students enjoy a three month summer break. Their parents don’t always enjoy it so much.  For working parents it means worrying that their teens will still be in bed when they arrive home after a full day’s work, for SAHMs it means a daily battle to prevent same.  For carers it’s time to take the vitamins and a few deep breaths.

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OMG it’s One Direction!

By 3pm on Friday the air was heavy with hormones, perfume and diesel fumes as coach after coach disgorged crowds of over excited teenagers.  Yes, it was just a few hours to go until the first of three One Direction concerts, and everywhere I looked the faces of Niall, Harry, and the others stared out at me from a thousand pink and white T-shirts.

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What does your child need in school?

Special needs assistants, that’s what!

Don’t turn away now, this IS relevant to you, especially if you have a child in school in Ireland.  It’s relevant toevery child in every school.  And once again they are under threat, as a new Department of Education circular issued just before Easter is going to make it harder than ever for schools and children to get and keep special needs assistants (SNAs).

Here’s why this should matter to you:

1. Is your child starting primary school in September? 

There may be NO SNAs in the classroom, as the school may have to prove that a child needs one first.  It’s hard enough for teachers to manage a class of 30 junior infants,  even harder if there are one or more children with special needs who require extra attention and help.

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Craving the unexpected

I should have grown out of it by now.  In deepest middle age, I should be content to live my life quietly with a comfortable routine and a glass of wine and a choice of box sets to look forward to at night.

For some reason I still have not reached that point.

Last night I out.  Properly.  With high heels and contacts and more than just eye liner on my face.

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